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The beginnings of our business activity date back to 1995, when we opened a garage specialising at assembly and servicing of automotive gas installations. For more than a dozen of years of Mimar’s functioning, the company has been setting down the continuous development of the LPG market in Poland, which enabled us to gain and keep an immensely durable position.

At present it is our company that sets the trend to the process of gas installations distribution all over the country. It is indisputably proven by our efficiently functioning branches in Gorzów Wlkp. and Gdynia. Thanks to the professionally built organizational structure, comprehensive and fast supplies to auto-gas garages all over Poland have become possible. It enabled us to gain the most precious capital, i.e. deep trust of the clients, because from the very beginning it decided on the sense of the foundation concept and mission of Mimar, trading and service providing company.

Panorama Firmy Mimar


Kościuszki street 159
07-100 Węgrów

Office and warehouse
Mon - Fri: 8.00 - 16.00

Phone (25) 792 29 72
Phone (25) 792 22 99

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